Henry A Ota for Congress
One Person One Vote

About the Candidate

Want to know more about Henry and what he plans to do for the 50th then follow along and see what we can do together to make this the most informed engaged district in America!


From giving the power of his vote back to the constituents of the 50th to the introduction and passage of the USA bill *Universal Service Agreement* follow Henry to see why a Vote for Ota is actually a Vote for YOU!


Henry promises to not seek reelection or spend any time campaigning and asking for money to keep his position in Congress if elected.

“if I’m doing my job I should be too occupied to diel for dollars or spend one of my two years campaigning to keep my job. I would suggest if the voters want me to continue my work they can just write my name on the ballot” “That said, This is a civic responsibility not a career so 4 years is my term limit J”


Henry will use Blockchain technology to engage all registered voters in the 50th  on each and every bill in Congress to determine how he cast votes.

“this is 2020 guys, I will actually representing the voters. We have the ability to make direct democracy a reality! power of the people, one person one vote” This is how we take the power of money out of our elected officials decision making. If the people have the power to control the their votes then we need not fret the grasp of any cooperate or political interference!


Want to know more? Follow me, I should have something new evveryday until the Mar 3rd election.